How to effectively deal with fear and live out your dreams - Emily Skye

How to effectively deal with fear and live out your dreams

How to effectively deal with fear and live out your dreams

Fear is something we all experience. You may look at someone who is very successful and think they are completely fearless, but I guarantee you they have fear too. I have fear all the time. What if I fail? What will someone think of me? What if I’m not good enough? I was recently on Sunrise and I can tell you right now, there was a lot of fear with going on live television. I could have listened to that fear and not gone on. Instead I chose to face my fears and tackle them head on. And you know what? Once I did it, it felt amazing. A key difference between being successful and not, is either letting the fear stop you from reaching your goals or feeling the fear and going for it anyway. The moment we can learn to embrace fear then we open ourselves up to so many opportunities. The moment you let fear take hold and stop you from doing things, then you shut yourself off from reaching your true potential.

Learn to recognise the fear
Sometimes we don’t even know that it is fear that is holding us back. Instead we hide behind a million excuses we make up as to why we can’t go out there and achieve our dreams. However most of these excuses stem from a fear that we have in the back of our minds. So if there is something you really really want to do, and find yourself making up those excuses, I ask you to dig deep. Really ask yourself: what is truly holding you back? Most of the time you will discover that it is fear. Generally we all have the same fears, fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of rejection and fear of not being good enough. The moment you recognise what’s holding you back as fear then you’ve already made that first step to moving forward.

Feel the fear
Just because you have fear doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. Fear is totally natural, so if it’s there then recognise it and feel it as much as you can. Know that it’s okay to have it there but then quickly turn it around and not let it control you. This is the moment you have the choice to feel it and run or feel it and face it.

Know that you are not alone
As I said everyone experiences fear so don’t think you are the only one out there. If there is a goal or dream you truly want then rally support from those around you. Let them help you and support you in facing the fear. Even better, find someone who’s achieved what you want to achieve and talk to them about what fears they have faced and how they overcame them. It’s so good to learn form other people’s experience and know that you aren’t the only who feels like this.  

What’s the worse that can happen?
So much of what stops us from going after what we want is we think of the worst thing that can happen if we fail. Though that’s just a story we create for ourselves. If something scares me I sit down and think about what is the absolute worse thing that can happen and then think about if that did happen what could I do to get out of it. You soon realise that perhaps that story you have created isn’t that bad and if it did happen you have the tools to deal with it.

What’s the best that can happen?
So once you have thought about the worst that can happen now think about what’s the best that can happen if you face that fear and move forward. What new possibilities can you create for yourself? Now focus on that instead of the worst. Use all the positive things that could happen out of facing your fears as motivation and push through the hard stuff and do it anyway. Once you focus on the positives the fear starts to melt away.

Break it down
Overcoming a fear and reaching a new life goal can seem challenging and very overwhelming. If the fear you are facing seems too big to handle, see how you can break it down to smaller challenges or fears to face. Then just take it one step at a time. The moment you overcome the first smaller fear, then move on to the next. Soon that large overwhelming fear won’t seem such a big deal.

Always remember fear is such a natural human emotion but it’s not something we should allow to control our lives. So if there is something out there that scares you, know you aren’t alone but go out there, feel the fear and go for it anyway. It’s how our dreams are achieved and I want all of you to live the best life you can.  

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