4 ways you can reset yourself today - Emily Skye

4 ways you can reset yourself today

4 ways you can reset yourself today

It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, or how often you exercise, we can all find ourselves stuck in a bit of a rut at times. Where we can’t quite put our finger on what is holding us back? So I thought I would use this blog to share with you some ways in which you can reset yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally, in order to help optimize your overall health and wellbeing!

  1. Reflect on your stimulants - I enjoy a good cuppa coffee as much as the next person, however in this fast paced lifestyle many of us live, we can become a little too dependent on our ‘caffeine boost’ to get us through the day. The more we drink, the more tolerant we become and the more we need to reach the same level of stimulation. Even though caffeine has actually been proven to have many benefits, it also changes the chemicals in the brain. So as part of your re-set, reflect on how much caffeine you are consuming and consider cutting it out for a few days, to help reset your need for it.
  2. Consciously drink more water - Hydration is important for everyone to consider, and plays an important role on how we are feeling both physically and mentally. However it’s not just about drinking enough water. Take a moment now to consider how many different drinks you consume in an average day, and what they might contain? In order to rest your mind and body, try reaching for a glass of water in place of any of the other drinks you might consume each day. Even if you just do this for a couple of days, you may notice that this change of habit will help reset your mind whilst also helping cleanse your body!
  3. Experiment with your diet - Take a few days to try reducing the amount of gluten and dairy foods you consume and instead focus on eating more anti-inflammatory foods, such as green leafy vegetables, blueberries, beetroot, celery, broccoli and salmon. By promoting digestive health and fighting inflammation, you can reset your body into a healthier state, leaving your mind feeling fresh and more emotionally balanced.
  4. Relax! - As important as exercise is for the body (and mind!), so is relaxation. Participating in activities that help de-stress your body and mind, and cause you pleasure, are a really important way of resetting yourself into a healthier mindset. If you find that you just don’t have the time to take out of each day to relax and do something you enjoy, then consider using a relaxation meditation to help you go to sleep each evening, or try waking up and singing your favourite songs! 

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