5 exercises that work your legs, butt, core and arms! - Emily Skye

5 exercises that work your legs, butt, core and arms!

5 exercises that work your legs, butt, core and arms!

Total body exercises are some of my favourites for several reasons, including that they:

  • Burn more calories in less time, but using your whole body and building on existing muscle.
  • Maximize workout efficiency
  • Increase overall strength
  • Balance your body by working on all the main muscle groups in the one exercise

Here are 5 awesome total body workout exercises that will help you enhance your overall strength and endurance whilst burning through those calories!

Deadlift - This is an excellent practice for strengthening and toning your butt and thighs, however it also works your arms, shoulders and core, making it a fantastic total body exercise.

Overhead squat - Upgrading your squats to have overhead weights not only increases the resistance on your glutes and legs, it also increases the engagement on your core whilst giving your shoulders and arms a good workout.

Glute bridge with dumbbell fly - Slightly different from the above two exercises, this one again focuses on the glutes and the core, with an added benefit of working your shoulders, chest and arms.

Burpee - This classic exercise will always be one of my favourites, it doesn’t require any equipment and works as a fantastic cardio practice as well as strengthening all those major muscle groups!

Donkey kick with single-arm row - Alternating opposite arm with opposite leg not only allows for quick rest times between the major muscle groups, but it also provides a good workout on your whole body. 

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