Is carb curbing a healthy way to lose weight? - Emily Skye

Is carb curbing a healthy way to lose weight?

Is carb curbing a healthy way to lose weight?

Cutting down on carbs often proves to be an effective way of assisting in weight loss, which is probably why it remains a popular aspect in many weight loss diets.

When we eat carbohydrates our body converts them into glucose, which is our body's preferred source of energy. We use this energy for running, jumping, hiking and shaking it on the dance floor, but we also need energy for the everyday bodily functions that happen without us even thinking about them. - Simple stuff like cell regeneration, or the functioning of our organs, like our heart and brain!

For this reason carbohydrates are an important nutrient that should be included as part of most healthy diets.

The problem is that when we are consuming more energy than we are expending, our body stores that energy for potential future use, in the form of fat . This is why exercising helps us burn fat, because once we have used up the energy we have recently consumed, our body then turns to our fat stores as a means of gaining the energy needed to bust out a few more reps or run a few extra miles.

In order to determine how much energy you need to consume, you should first reflect on your own personal needs, such as your metabolism, your current weight and how active your lifestyle is.

When it comes to deciding if cutting carbs is a healthy choice, it really comes down to how you do it. Removing all carbs from your diet would mean a diet free from fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy and legumes, and this is not a diet choice I recommend!

However reducing the amount of simple and processed carbs that you eat, such as refined sugars, pastries, breads and pastas, will help you reduce the amount of empty energy you consume.

It is important to listen to your own body and understand your own body’s needs. We are all different and what works for one person, might not be as useful for another. Personally I know my body functions best when I avoid gluten and stick with a higher protein and good fats diet with a lower carb intake. However I exercise alot and understand my body’s need for carbohydrates. That's why I eat plenty of vegetables, with lots of fresh protein sources and good fats.

So if you are considering cutting carbs from your diet, be sensible… A balanced diet is always a healthier choice. Just have a look at what kind of carbs you are eating and as a general rule...The less processed it is, the better it is for your health! 

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