Why sweating is so gooooood! - Emily Skye

Why sweating is so gooooood!

Why sweating is so gooooood!

Getting your ‘sweat on’ is a good indicator that you are giving your workout your all. Even though sweating can be annoying at times (such as when it gets in your eyes, or makes your grip slippery!), it actually has some really great health benefits, aside from regulating your body’s temperature!

Detoxifies your body - The act of sweating flushes the body of toxins so efficiently, that researches believe it could actually be used to determine toxin within the body as efficiently as blood and urine samples. Sweating also excretes other substances such as cholesterol and salt. Have you ever noticed your sweat smelling like a brewery after a night of drinking? That is because alcohol is also flushed out of your body in your sweat!

Cleanses your skin - When you sweat, your body is actually getting rid of toxins and grit that can get clogged in your pores. This grit is what causes skin blemishes like pimples. So the more you sweat, the clearer your skin will be!

Keep your bones strong - Sweating both helps rid your body of excess salt and helps your bones retain calcium. Calcium is integral to your bone strength and integrity.

Keeps your kidneys healthy - Sweating helps keep your kidneys healthy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you are sweating, you are likely to be drinking more water, and water is important for flushing your kidneys out. Secondly, sweating helps reduce salt and calcium build up in your kidney and urine, which is what causes kidney stones. So sweating helps reduce your risk of kidney stones!

Fights off illnesses - Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides which actually work to fight off dangerous pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. These peptides work by attracting bacteria then entering the membranes and breaking them down. So essentially killing them off!

So get out there get moving and sweat it out for good health! 

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