How to make your workouts a healthy habit - Emily Skye

How to make your workouts a healthy habit

How to make your workouts a healthy habit

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and implementing change, intention is one thing, but actually following through can be another thing altogether! Finding the willpower to stick with your resolve and make your new fitness a natural part of your lifestyle can be a little tricky to begin with.

But you can make it a habit instead of a chore!

Here are some tips to help you move beyond the struggle of doing your workout, to habitually just getting up and at it, and maybe even learning to love it!

Get into your zone - Investing in some comfortable workout clothes can be really useful in helping motivate you to move! Active wear is designed for maximum comfort and movement, plus it allows your body to breath and feels damn good to be in! Definitely don’t overlook the importance of having comfortable and supporting shoes too, especially if you plan on going jogging or running! There is something about the bounce a good pair of shoes adds to your step that actually makes you want to get up and at it!

Motivation music - I have made a series of motivation playlists that I use for my workout, and I have chosen songs that fire me up and inspire me. I actually look forward to listening to them, which encourages me to workout.

Pick and choose - Sure, sometimes the exercises we don’t like are the ones we probably need to be doing the most, however you don’t have to torture yourself with only doing things you dislike. Design your workout so that it incorporates what you love with what you might need. Try and make it as enjoyable for yourself as possible.

Set yourself goals - Having goals is a great way to motivate yourself, because it is so darn rewarding each time you achieve them. You might have a goal of being able to do 50 sit ups in a row, and then progress to 75 and then maybe 100. These small goals help inspire me because as I achieve each goal, I can actually see I am building my strength and endurance!

Have a workout buddy - Having someone to workout with can really motivate you. Not only does it make the whole thing more enjoyable, you can both push/encourage each other. You don’t have to stop at one… Have as many workout buddies as you like, the more the merrier...And the fitter! 

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