How resistance training will help you burn fat faster - Emily Skye

How resistance training will help you burn fat faster

How resistance training will help you burn fat faster

There is no doubt that chucking on your joggers and heading out for a run is going to help you burn through those calories, and can even help you to dip into your fat stores. Regular cardio is an excellent way to burn fat and keep yourself trim and healthy. However resistance training can help you burn fat even faster!

Okay, you may be feeling a little dubious, because you know how efficient cardio is at burning through those calories, however hear me out...

Firstly, lifting weights has the advantage of boosting your metabolism (your fat burning capabilities) not only during your workout, but also for up to 36 hours afterwards. That is some serious extra burn! So even when you have finished your workout, your body is still powering through those calories.

Then secondly, you need to consider the general benefits of resistance training. You are working on toning and strengthening your body by enhancing your lean muscle mass. Not only are you going to look more defined and feel stronger and more capable, you are also developing lean muscle mass that burns through calories simply by doing your average day to day things, like… standing upright, opening the door, or bending down to put your shoes on!

In order for muscle fibres to work, they need energy to fuel their movement. The more muscle fibres you have, the more energy they need to move. It is not as though you just move a few fibres at a time; the whole muscle gets in on the action. So the more lean muscle mass you have, the more energy you use, which means the more calories you burn. Simple!

So don’t neglect your resistance training for your cardio, even if fat burning is high up there on your priority list. Because you can lift yourself to success!

A healthy balance of both types of exercise will help you achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently!

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