How you can eat delicious food and still lose weight - Emily Skye

How you can eat delicious food and still lose weight

How you can eat delicious food and still lose weight

In all of my programs the food plans are a get back to basics style of eating. Because I have had so many food intolerance issues in the past and suffered majorly with digestion problems and bloating, I have found this is the best way of eating for me. I eat natural whole foods, made up of the basics – meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs, herbs and natural garnishes. These foods provide a steady flow of nutrients that help boost your metabolism and release stored body fat so it can be burnt off as fuel. As well these this way of eating is what get’s the best results for me. When you change over to this style of eating you may feel hungry or have ?low energy for the first few days - this is normal, so don’t worryl. Your body is adjusting to burning off stored body fat as energy. Plus your body might go through a mini detox as you move away from packaged foods to a whole food diet. However once you are eating this way all the time, not only will you look great you will feel amazing too.

Why ‘back to basics’?
The reason I recommend these foods is because they are in their cleanest and simplest form. Eliminating additives (i.e. sauces or manufactured/processed products) is one of the best things you can do for yourself nutritionally. A lot of the time people think when they move over to this style of eating you can only eat boring food. But trust me there is a huge variety of “yummy” foods and recipes that can satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

This style of eating is one of the single biggest things girls rave about with my programs and meal plans is because some of the foods you can enjoy include: pancakes, protein muffins, cupcakes and chocolate pudding. It truly allows you to still eat clean versions of your favorite or ‘naughty’ foods and still shed the pounds. This ‘cheating on my diet plan without actually cheating’ is such a wonderful relief to many and is part of what makes my programs work so well.

Move away from the packets
Besides losing weight there are so many reasons why you should move away from packaged food and onto a whole foods diet. Most packaged food these days is over processed and deliver very low nutrients to the body. Not only that a lot of them contain things like bad trans fats from hydrogenated vegetable oils, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, high levels of sodium and other nasties that do damage to the body. So that’s why it’s time to step away from the packets and get back to basics with your eating.

Benefits of eating this way
When you go back to basics eating you are providing your body with so many good whole nutrients, which means you will get to experience so many great benefits, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight maintenance
  • Improved sleep
  • Better memory
  • Glowing skin
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Decreased risk in chronic illness like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more

I’ve eaten this way for years now and I don’t feel deprived one bit. As I said you can still enjoy healthy versions of all you favourite not so healthy foods. Eating this way is what has kept me eating so healthy and staying trim and toned. I’ve just released my latest F.I.T program which is filled with so many delicious recipes and step by step meal plans that will leave your taste buds very satisfied. I’ve even got meal plans in there for vegetarians and vegans too. 

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