Why taking time out is good for your health - Emily Skye

Why taking time out is good for your health

Why taking time out is good for your health

Everyone needs a holiday every now and then to help us unwind, relax, laugh and do the things we enjoy! Whether it be a trip to somewhere exotic or just some time out from your usual weekly routine, having a break is good for both your body and soul!

Whatever ‘holidaying’ is to you, here are some healthy reasons why you should organise some time out every now and then.

Reducing Stress Levels - Stress can be a killer, literally! With the busy lives many of us live, experiencing a little stress may be unavoidable. However if your stress levels get too high you are putting your physical health at risk, not to mention your mental wellbeing! Time out from your responsibilities will help reduce stress levels and allow you to recharge your batteries!

Boost Motivation - There is nothing quite like the motivation to work hard so that you earn your time off! Planning time off helps motivate our productivity in all areas of life, because we have something to work towards and look forward to!

Attitude Adjustment - Sometimes, whether it is work, family responsibilities or social pressures, we just need to step back from it all and take time. This helps us to gain a new perspective, allowing us to view problems in a different light (and hopefully come up with new solutions!).

Laughter Is Good For Your Health - Holidays, or time off, often results in us doing things we enjoy. And for me this often means laughing! Laughter is so good for us both physically and emotionally. Physically it simulates our cardiovascular system and our respiratory system, whilst emotionally it provides us with an enjoyable release.

Energise Your Soul - Most importantly it is great to just have some time out to do what you really enjoy, no matter what it might be. Even if you are lucky enough to love your job.

Because life's for living after all! 

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