6 seriously disturbing facts about sugar - Emily Skye

6 seriously disturbing facts about sugar

6 seriously disturbing facts about sugar

If you are a lover of all things sweet, then you are not alone! The big ‘sweet tooth’ condition is one that the majority of the world’s population are afflicted with. Not being able to avoid chucking those tim-tams into the shopping basket, let alone stopping at just one - Sound familiar?

The problem is that as delicious as sugar might taste, it is unfortunately really high up there on the ‘unhealthy’ list when it comes to things we consume. Here are 6 reasons you should reconsider whether you want sugar in your next coffee!

  1. It is the leading contributor to obesity - Contrary to what we used to believe, sugar plays a much more significant role in the world’s obesity numbers than saturated fats. Why? It plays tricks on your brain and impacts on hormones, decreasing satiety and making you want more and more! Think about that when you are considering opting for a can of soda over a chicken drumstick!
  2. Rots your teeth - This probably isn’t news to you, however the reason why it is bad for your teeth is kind of gross… Sugar provides easily digestible food for all the bad bacteria in your mouth. Which means they multiply and slowly start to erode your teeth enamel. So you are feeding bad bacteria!
  3. No beneficial nutrients - Refined sugar, such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup, provide you with no essential nutrients. They are just calories. So there is no benefit from eating them except the instant energy they provide; however if you don’t use that energy, you will ultimately end up storing it as fat!
  4. In excess it can damage your liver - Fructose is broken down in the liver; however the liver is only capable of breaking down so much at a time. When the liver is overloaded with sugar it ends up being stored as fat and can create fatty liver. This can then lead to all sorts of health complications, including non-alcohol fatty liver disease.
  5. Causes insulin resistance - Studies have shown that excessive sugar consumption can cause resistance to the hormone insulin, which then leads to numerous other diseases, including the most common; type 2 diabetes.
  6. It’s highly addictive - Eating sugar stimulates the release of dopamine in the reward centre of your brain. Making you feel good… And wanting more! This is partly why we often want to reach for a bar of chocolate when we are feeling a little down, and why sweet foods are often referred to as ‘comfort foods’. Yet this is also what makes sugar is so addictive. Some doctors have even suggested that sugar may be equally as addictive as heroine!

The good news is that even if you have been adding sugar left right and centre up until now, you can train your brain to enjoy foods without it! Try cutting back on your sugar in your coffee/tea and eventually cutting it out altogether! It may take a week or two before you start to enjoy it, but eventually your tastes will adjust and you may even find you learn to love it! 

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