Heal your body with these natural cold and flu remedies - Emily Skye

Heal your body with these natural cold and flu remedies

Heal your body with these natural cold and flu remedies

I recently got sick with the worst cold and flu, which has taken me ages to recover from. I very rarely get sick but sometimes it’s the bodies way of telling us we need to slow down. I’m not really the biggest fan of filling my body full of conventional pharmaceutical medicines and try to find as many natural ways to heal my body as I can. So in light of my recent flu I thought I’d share with you some the awesome natural cold and flu remedies I recently discovered. As well as natural immune booster supplements. 

Lemon, Ginger and Honey Elixir
Okay so this one isn’t anything new, and your Grandma probably has her own variation of it. A hot lemon, honey and ginger elixir is such a winning combination for helping you fight any cold and flu. Ginger is an amazing herb that has many healing properties. It helps clear congestion and phlegm, reduce inflammation in the body, as well as soothes the tummy. Plus it tastes delicious. Honey is another amazing natural food with it’s healing antibacterial properties, and can help soothe the throat and a dry cough. If you are using honey it’s best to get a good quality one like Manuka or a Raw organic honey so you get the maximum healing benefits. Add that with the vitamin C from your lemons and you have such an awesome healing elixir. Drinking a warm fluid also helps thin out any phlegm and hydrates the body. It tastes pretty delicious too. See recipe below. 

½ a lemon squeezed
2 inches of grated fresh ginger
1 - 2 teaspoons of honey
Hot water

Make a herbal steam 
One of the best ways to clear congestion is making your own essential oil herbal steam. Essential oils like Eucalyptus oil or Peppermint oil are really effective for clearing congestion. You can use a bowl or a sink and fill it with boiling water, allow the water to cool a bit and then add a few drops of essential oil in. Place a towel over your head and hover your face slowly over the bowl or sink. Make sure you go slowly so you can make sure it’s not too hot. Breathe the steam in for ten to fifteen minutes which will allow for congestion to clear. If you don’t have any essential oils, don’t worry you can just do this with normal steam or even add in some grated ginger. 

Garlic is like a super food, but without the expensive price tag. It Boosts your immune system and has strong antiviral properties. This makes it really effective and preventing and treating the common cold and flu. Only thing is though if you want to get the healing properties from garlic then you will need to have it raw. Why raw? Well when the garlic is cooked this prohibits the garlic’s ability to make allicin. Allicin is one of the primary components of garlic that gives it its health benefits, including the ability to prevent cancer. Allicin is produced in garlic when the garlic enzyme alliinase is cut or chewed. However, when the garlic is cooked alliinase is then inactivated which causes allicin to not be produced. So unfortunately this does mean you won't be kissing anyone if you use it for a natural remedy. 

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal has many healing benefits both for the common cold as well as detoxification on the body. It draws out toxins from your body, cleans and whiten your teeth, helps with skin conditions by bathing in it, soothes indigestion, headaches, allergies and you can even make a sore throat syrup with it. This one is definitely something to have in the medicine cabinet at all times.

Olive Leaf
As I said I very rarely get sick but when I do Olive Leaf extract is my go to supplement for boosting my immune system. That’s because Olive Leaf extract has been shown to have some of the strongest natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. The good thing about using it to fight infection is that it’s not going to disturb your good gut bacteria, which most common antibiotics do. Olive leaf is such an effective immune booster because unlike other immune booster which still requires your body to use energy, Olive leaf does the work for you. 

Salt Water or Saline Solution
Did you know you can make your very own nasal spray from ingredients in your pantry. It’s as simple as adding in some water with salt. This homemade saline solution helps irrigate the nose and clear any congestion you may be experiencing. You can also use salt water as a gargle to help with sore throats. 

It took me a while to get over this cold but these natural remedies all really helped ease my symptoms and boost my immune system. Do you have any favourite natural home remedies you use when you get sick? If so I would love to hear them in the comments below. 

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