Why feeling good should be your priority - Emily Skye

Why feeling good should be your priority

Why feeling good should be your priority

Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, will admit that part of why we exercise is to feel fit, strong and healthy, and part of it is to LOOK fit strong and healthy. However it is important not to focus too much on the aesthetics of your workout, and neglect the health benefits behind it.

I like to promote exercise as being part of a healthy lifestyle choice and not just a means of achieving goals. You can set specific fitness goals to help motivate you, and if you challenge yourself and are consistent with your efforts, you will definitely reap the rewards on both a performance and an aesthetic level.

Here are 3 key points I like to remind clients when they are talking to me about exercise and aesthetics:

Exercise because it feels good, not because you might feel guilty for something you ate. If you constantly ‘punish’ yourself with exercise, just as a means of ‘working off’ extra calories you are doing two things. You are training your mind/body to think that exercise is a punishment and you are training yourself to feel guilty for enjoying a treat! Exercise should be for pleasure and reward, and a cheeky treat every now and then is good for your soul!

Don’t over train an area and neglect others. There is nothing wrong with wanting to focus on specific areas of your body, especially when you are training for a sport, however, there is a difference between ‘focusing’ and ‘undivided attention’. Make sure your workouts are balanced and work all the different areas of your body. This will not only help prevent over training, it will help ensure there is balance in your body to help reduce future injuries and keep you strong and healthy.

Don’t be disheartened when changes don’t occur as quickly as you hoped. Focusing on achieving a specific goal on an aesthetic level can sometimes be a little disheartening if you don’t achieve your goals as quickly as you had hoped. But don’t let that put you off. You will get there, just keep at it! Exercise as a lifestyle choice and you will get there! 

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