My favourite healthy swaps for your favourite unhealthy foods - Emily Skye

My favourite healthy swaps for your favourite unhealthy foods

My favourite healthy swaps for your favourite unhealthy foods

Just because you want to get fit and healthy doesn’t mean you need to eat boring food. One of my biggest messages about switching over to a F.I.T and healthy lifestyle, is that if you want to maintain it you need to eat food you enjoy. There is no point trying to stick to a fad diet that is only going to leave you bingeing on unhealthy food because you have felt so deprived the whole time. One thing I have found to make things easy in switching over to this way of living, was to find healthy versions of my favourite foods. To help support you in your F.I.T journey I thought I would share some of my favourite healthy alternatives to some favourite unhealthy foods.

1. Swap french fries for oven baked sweet potato fries
French fries, who doesn’t love them right? But that delicious french fry has absolutely no nutritional value to the body whatsoever. My favourite thing to replace french fries with is oven roasted sweet potato fries. In fact these taste so good I would eat them over french fries any day. Sweet potatoes are far more nutritionally better for the body as the contain Vitamins A and C, are high in fibre and have less carbs than white potatoes.  

2. Swap chocolate for bliss balls
Just because you want to be healthy doesn’t mean you need to give up chocolate. In fact when you eat it the right way cacao is actually healthy for you. In it’s purest form, raw cacao provides the body with important vitamins and minerals that help boost your serotonin and energy levels. If you are craving a chocolate treat then make some chocolate protein bliss balls. Be careful though these things are addictive and you don’t want to overeat on them. 

3. Swap sweets for frozen lollies
Have you ever got fresh berries and put them in the freezer. If not then you definitely should try. I swear to you it’s like eating lollies. If you are one of those sugar addicts then definitely try this one out next time you are craving sweets. 

4. Swap pasta for zucchini noodles
Zoodles are all the craze days. For people like me who are gluten intolerant making zoodles is a great alternative to pasta. Not only are they gluten free but because it’s made from Zucchini they are low on calories and carbs. You can either purchase a spiralizer or get a julienne slicer and make pasta noodles out of the Zucchini. Then you just lightly sautee them in the fry pan and top with your favourite sauce. I love to do mine with a homemade pesto and add some avocado for a creamy like pasta.

5. Swap pancakes for protein pancakes
Who doesn’t love pancakes right? Growing up I used to love the weekends because that’s when we would get pancakes for breakfast. In all of my programs I have included recipes a range of different protein pancake recipes and even posted my favourite one last week on the blog

6. Swap ice cream for nana ice cream
I’ve said it before on the blog but one of the best inventions is nana ice cream. All you need to do is chop up banana, put it in the freezer, then when frozen chuck it in the blender with a little bit of coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk and then a flavouring of your choice and blend. You will have the yummiest tasting soft serve like healthy ice cream. I like to add in things like frozen raspberries if I feel like something fruity, or raw cacao and maca powder for something creamy and chocolatey. 

The list doesn’t just stop there either. You can find so many delicious recipes online that will provide you with healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods. So stop thinking that in order to be fit and healthy you need to miss out on all your favourite meals. I hope you got some useful tips here and if you want more like this, plus some delicious healthy recipes be sure to sign up to my newsletter so you can get posts like this straight to your inbox. 

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