Every step counts! - Emily Skye

Every step counts!

Every step counts!

Incidental exercise is all the little bits of exercise we do during the day when we are not specifically focusing on exercising. Such as climbing steps, walking from A to B or even enjoying a dance or a game of ping pong! The thing is that doing a workout each day is fantastic, but when the majority of your day involves you sitting at a desk or in your car, then every step counts. So building on your incidental activity is an important way to keep you fit, healthy and strong!

Here are some ways in which you can boost your incidental exercise levels!

  • Take the stairs - Taking the lift or escalator is often an automatic choice. It is quick, convenient and everyone else does... So why not? The simple answer is that your legs and butt will thank you for each and every one of those steps, whether it be 5 or 500! So opt for the stairs whenever possible. You can even make it a little interesting and fun by seeing if you can climb the steps faster than the lift or escalator would take anyway!
  • Walk/ride those short trips - Heading to the local shop, visiting a nearby friend, or conveniently live close to work? The opt to walk or ride instead of taking our car or public transport. Not only will this save the environment and your bank account, your body will thank you for the exercise!
  • Utilize your break times - If you have been sitting down for hours working, then make the most out of your break time. Go for a walk somewhere different to eat, so that you can not only have a change of scenery to help stimulate your productivity but get some exercise as well!
  • Switch from trolley to basket - If you haven’t got a huge shop to do, then instead of opting for a convenient trolley to push around, why not grab a basket? Remember to switch arms every now and then to even out your strength building workout, or even carry two baskets!
  • Take up active leisure activities - Incorporate as much active leisure into your life as possible. Whether that be relaxing swimming, playing tennis or even playing a family game of Twister, any activity that challenges you to move and use your body (even just a little) all counts towards your incidental exercise!
  • Go dancing - This is my favourite choice because I simply LOVE dancing! Which is great because active freestyle dancing can burn loads of calories! Don’t be self conscious, there is no right or wrong way of doing it, simply put on some tunes that make you want to move and shake your groove thing!

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