Why investing in good shoes will help you progress - Emily Skye

Why investing in good shoes will help you progress

Why investing in good shoes will help you progress

Having the right kind of clothing can mean the difference between a comfortable training session and a whole lot of discomfort, such as overheating, restricted movement, chaffing, or even blisters. That doesn’t mean you should just skip out on exercise because you don’t have the right clothing. Because even though activewear will definitely aid in your comfort, as long as your clothes are not restrictive or inappropriately warm for the time of year and training you have in mind, you can exercise in pretty much anything you are comfortable in.

The one item of clothing that you shouldn’t be dismissive about, not just for the sake of comfort but also for increased performance and joint support, are your shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are walking, running, cycling, participating in a sport or visiting the gym, having the right shoes can make a whole lot of difference to the comfort of your training session as well as how well you perform.

Not only will the right type of shoes help provide you with the best comfort, support and balance you need, they will help protect your joints against any injuries associated with that type of exercise.

When it comes to choosing a shoe, there are many different types to choose from. Including running shoes, athletic shoes, cross trainers and other sports specific shoes.

If you know you participate in a variety of activities, yet only intend to purchase one pair of shoes, it is best to consider what type of exercise you participate in most often, and opting for a shoe that compliments it. If you are feeling uncertain as to which shoe would be best for you, then I suggest you go to a store that specialises in athletic shoes and have a chat to one of the sales staff so they can help you determine which might be the best fit for you. Remember though, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive pair to get the best support, just make sure they fit well and are comfortable. Try on a few different pairs and do some star jumps, and walk around the shop floor to get a real feel for them.

*A little tip is to go shopping for your shoes in the late afternoon when your feet are their largest (Sounds weird right? But it is true!), that way you can ensure they will be comfortable and well fitted.

Also bear in mind that if you are a regular runner, you may need to replace your shoes more often than normal, so that you can ensure you are constantly getting the stability and joint support needed. But don’t worry, a good pair of shoes should last you about 400 - 600 miles, so you will get a good amount of wear out of them! 

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