Natural ways to lift your mood and put some pep in your step - Emily Skye

Natural ways to lift your mood and put some pep in your step

Natural ways to lift your mood and put some pep in your step

Ever have those days when you just don’t feel like your body, or mind, are working at 100% capacity? Perhaps your mood is a little off, or you can’t really muster the energy needed to get up and at it? I know I have these days, and it can be the difference between being productive and proactive to feeling really lethargic and low.

Because these days are not as uncommon as I would like, I have come up with a checklist of ways that help me boost my mood, and energy levels, naturally!

Grab a healthy energy kick - If your energy levels are low than chances are your mood will deflate a little as well. I enjoy a nice strong cup of coffee or green tea to help give me that energising caffeine kick I need to boost my mood.

Take a moment to meditate - Mindfulness meditations are an excellent way to help bring things into perspective and enable you to help pull yourself out of any emotional rut you might find yourself in. They are also an excellent way of taking a little time to relax your physical body so that you can recharge your batteries and come out of your meditation feeling refreshed.

Shake it off - Need a physical and mental pick me up? Chuck on your favourite tune and get moving. Dance is an excellent way to release any pent-up tension or stress, as well as creating endorphins and stimulating serotonin production. So apart from actually being great fun (I love dancing), it is supporting your endocrine system to help energise both your body and mind!

See the glass half full - Gratitude is an excellent mood restorative. It can be all too easy to focus on the negative. In fact, studies suggest that when we are feeling low, or even a little depressed, our minds have access to more of the unpleasant memories we have stored… Which means we not only feel down about what's happening right now, we feel down about lots of different things that have happened in the past. It doesn’t really seem fair, does it? Our brains should be accessing happy memories in order to combat the ‘down’ feeling. However just by being aware of this, you can consciously work to turn this mood around. Try to look at the glass as half full. Remind yourself of the positive things in your life that you have to be grateful for. Even just being alive to experience today!

Seek out extra serotonin - Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is believed to play an important role in regulating your moods. So by boosting your serotonin levels, you can actually enhance how you feel. Though some people believe that eating foods rich in serotonin will help enhance your brain’s level of serotonin, this is, unfortunately, a fallacy. What may help increase your serotonin levels though, is eating foods that are high in tryptophan, which is an amino acid that works as a precursor to serotonin. Foods rich in tryptophan include bananas, chickpeas, nuts, oats, meat, seafood, poultry and eggs.

Sing like no-one is listening - It doesn’t matter if you have the voice of an angel, or you sound a little more like a screeching cat, singing is an excellent mood enhancer as well as stimulating your respiratory system and encouraging oxygen-rich blood to your brain. So don’t worry about what anyone else might think, put on your favourite song and belt it out! This never fails to make me smile and lift my spirits! 

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