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How to motivate your fitness mojo

How to motivate your fitness mojo

As we progress on our path towards a fitter and healthier version of ourselves, it is inevitable that we may hit a few obstacles along the way, or even slip up a few times.

It is called ‘being human’.

However, straying from the path we have set ourselves is no reason to throw the towel in altogether. It is important to let go of any ‘all or nothing attitude’ you may be holding on to. Giving into cravings and eating a whole pizza, or skipping your workout to watch a movie instead, may not be conducive to your progress, yet that doesn't mean you should forget your healthy diet plan or cancel your gym membership.

Remember, most of the things worth achieving in life require a little effort. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you are not 100% perfect at it all the time. It is about progress, not perfection. ‘Mistakes’ (if we can even call them that) are simply ‘miss-takes’.... You get to learn from them, try again and move forwards. If you take a step backwards, just look up at what you are walking towards and make sure your next step is a big one!

I find that there are certain techniques I use that help motivate me in my pursuit of my fitness goals. These same techniques have also helped me rekindle my mojo in times when I lost motivation or had a setback.

Here are a few ‘’Mojo Motivators’ that I use to help keep me focused and on track!

  • Motivational music - Good music always helps energise me and put me into a positive mind frame.
  • Positive affirmations - I have a few motivational posters/magnets around my home that remind me of what I am working towards and keep me focused and feeling positive. One of my favourites is “You might not get what you wish for, but you will get what you work for!”
  • Workout buddies - Having a friend/friends that are working towards similar goals as I am, helps keep me on track and enthusiastic about what I am doing. The great thing is that this works both ways! So I feel good about being there to support and motivate them when they may not be feeling 100% enthusiastic!
  • Reminders - When I am working towards specific fitness goals I like to put little positive reminders up around the place so that I can see them and feel motivated to stay on track so that I can achieve my goals! 

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