Build your strength and burn fat, anywhere, anytime - no excuses! - Emily Skye

Build your strength and burn fat,  anywhere, anytime - no excuses!

Build your strength and burn fat, anywhere, anytime - no excuses!

Not enough time to get to the gym? Don’t have the right equipment? Don’t worry, just head to your linen closet and grab a towel and you have everything you need for a killer total body workout that can be adjusted to your surroundings!

Haven’t heard of a towel workout before? Well, you may be surprised to learn that there are several ways in which your workout can benefit from using a towel!

Towel sliding exercises - If you google towel workouts, then the most common ones you will see involve using a folded towel (or ideally 2) on a slippery surface (doesn’t work so well on carpet!). The idea is that placed under your feet or hands, you can increase the stability needed when performing specific exercises because you can slide your limbs away from your body and back again, whilst working to maintain balance and control. For example, you can turn a normal static lunge into a sliding lunge, by placing a folded towel (kitchen towels work well for this one) under each foot and sliding into the full stretch of the lunge, then sliding back up again. You will notice this brings a whole new level to your workout and requires a lot more strength and control!

Pull-up bar - Have a stable beam to hang off, but it hurts your hands? Hang your towel over it and use this to grip on and use as a pull-up bar. Easier on your hands, a little harder on your arms and shoulders as you have to work to stabilise yourself more as you lift!

Roller - Rolling your towel up into a firm cylindrical shape and placing between your back and wall, gives you something to roll up and down when doing chair holds or one legged squats.

Resistance - Using your towel as a resistance band (that has no give) can help enhance numerous workouts and is a fantastic way of working on your arms and shoulders when you have no other equipment to use!

So don’t let a lack of time or equipment be your excuse, grab a towel and make yourself a new workout that you can do anywhere. Not only will you be surprised by how a towel can enhance the intensity of many common exercises, you might just find you have fun getting creative!

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