Busting myths on how to carve a bad-ass booty - Emily Skye

Busting myths on how to carve a bad-ass booty

Busting myths on how to carve a bad-ass booty

Having killer buns not only turns heads, it also gives you a foundation of strength from which your legs and your torso can work from. However there are a lot of myths out there surrounding just how to go about building the best booty for your body, so I thought I would look at two of the main myths that keep popping up.

Spot reduction works - Unfortunately, as much as glute focused cardio, such as cycling, sprinting or jogging on the treadmill, might make your glutes burn, spot reduction just doesn’t work. Sure, you ARE burning calories, which means you will be able to burn fat, however, you cannot target this fat burning process. It is an all-over deal.

Interestingly enough, however, studies have indicated that the increased blood flow to the muscles being used, such as the glutes, will improve fat cell breakdown and conversion into energy, but the results are way too small to make any significant difference.

Don’t let this put you off exercises such as cycling, sprinting and jogging, however, just because spot reduction doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use fat burning cardio exercises that also work to strengthen and tone your glutes!

Muscle confusion enhances results - Many people believe that by mixing as many different exercises into your workout, that all focus on your glutes, will enhance the results you are after. Yet sometimes it’s the good O’l basics that work best!

When it comes to your gluteus maximus, you are really only working on one, large muscle. So there is no need to try and find exercises that claim to work your upper or lower glutes. What you do need in order to carve yourself killer buns, is exercises that work both your glutes AND your hamstring. That is why when working on enhancing your butt, you cannot go past the ‘squat’, the ‘deadlift’, the ‘hip thrust’ and ‘lunges’. By combining these 4 basic, glute focused exercise, and increasing the resistance using varying weights, you will be able to build yourself the perfect bad-ass booty! 

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