Ways to help motivate you to workout first thing - Emily Skye

Ways to help motivate you to workout first thing

Ways to help motivate you to workout first thing

Working out first thing in the morning is an excellent way to boost your metabolism, and start your day off on the right foot! Yet even though once you are up and working out you feel great, getting the motivation to get started can sometimes be a bit tricky!

Here are some tips to help motivate you into working out first thing:

Get Prepped - Having your activewear set out, your gym bag packed, a bottle of water and your keys all laid out and ready for you so that all you have to do is get dressed. If you are heading from the gym on to work, then pre-pack your lunch and work clothes, or anything else you might need, to reduce the amount of distractions you will have first thing and help motivate you to just get up and at it. Pre-prepping your breakfast, and having your mug ready next to the kettle will also help you save time and motivate you to get up.

Natural Lighting - If possible, have your curtains or blinds open so that you have the natural sunlight coming in first thing. This actually helps your body wake up naturally and will make the process much easier.

Alarm Smart - If you know you are the kind of person who hits snooze a thousand times before finally getting up an hour later, then avoid the snooze button altogether. Set the alarm and aim to get up straight away. Don’t think that will work? Try putting your alarm on the other side of the room so that you have to get up to turn it off!

Avoid Your Phone - It can be all too easy to grab your phone (perhaps you use it as your alarm?) and then decide to catch up on emails or jump on FB before you actually get up. Don’t do it! Try to avoid doing this until you are already up and dressed, to avoid being distracted altogether.

Start Small - If early morning workouts are new to you, then start smaller with a shorter style workout so that you are less likely to skip it altogether. In time you can build it up to be as long and intense as you like!

Reward Your Hard Work - Plan time for a nice treat afterwards, like a sit-down coffee, to help reward your efforts and help motivate you to get up and at it!

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