Why it is important to mix up your workouts - Emily Skye

Why it is important to mix up your workouts

Why it is important to mix up your workouts

Having specific fitness related targets is a great way to keep you focused and motivated on achieving your goals. Yet it is important that you don’t become too focused on certain areas, to the neglect of others. Mixing your workout up will not only help you achieve your fitness goals faster (I know it sounds counterproductive, however, it is usually true!) it will also support your fitness in numerous other areas as well!

Here are 5 reasons you should mix up your workout routines:

  1. Prevent plateauing - In order to get the results you are after, there needs to be variation in the way you go about achieving your goals, otherwise, you risk plateauing. That phase you get to when you feel like what you are doing has become too easy and you are no longer improving.
  2. Balance is key - Over training specific areas to the neglect of others, for example your abdominals to the neglect of your back muscles, can cause unbalance which can lead to injury or pain. Alternating on different aspects of fitness, for example, strength, endurance and flexibility, within all the different areas of your body will help you achieve your specific goals.
  3. Avoid overdoing it - There is such thing as too much of a good thing, which is why it is important to mix up your workouts so that you avoid overdoing it and straining or causing damage to specific areas.
  4. Reap the rewards - It is also important to allow for rest periods so that your body can repair and regrow any damaged muscle fibres. Whether you are training for a marathon or building up strength and definition in your arms, alternating between working and resting these areas is important in order to gain the most from your efforts.
  5. Keep it interesting - When you continue to do the same exercise routine day in and day out, you run the risk of becoming bored or losing interest. When this happens, your motivation will dwindle and you may find you stray from the path of achieving your fitness goals.

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