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Sneaky food that sabotages your weight loss

Sneaky food that sabotages your weight loss

So many times you can think you are eating the right foods but  just aren’t getting the results and weight loss you want. Well you may not know there are quite a few foods out there, where you think you are being “good” and “healthy” but in fact aren’t doing your body any good at all. In all of my programs, I recommend a back to basics eating approach where you stay away from pre-packaged foods. That’s because most of these foods contain all sorts of ingredients like sugar and chemicals that can make you store fat and sabotage your weight loss and fit journey. To help you out I thought I’d list some common foods that you may think are “healthy” but are actually preventing you from losing that extra weight.

“Health Bars” or Muesli bars
Things like nut bars or “healthy” muesli bars that are marketed as a healthy snack can be one of the worst things to have. Why? Because they are filled with sugar, artificial flavouring and fillers and don’t really satisfy your hunger at all. In fact most of these bars just spike your sugar levels, leaving you feeling hungrier an hour later. If you need something to snack on, you are better of sticking some raw nuts, homemade nut bars or these amazing chocolate protein bliss balls

Nut butters
Who doesn’t love nut butters, they taste so amazing. However did you know that most brands of peanut butter these days have vegetable oil and sugar in it. Gone are the days when peanut butter was made from just peanuts. If you are going to have a nut butter, find one that is just nuts, with no additives. Something like an almond butter is much better for you than peanut butter too. In fact if you have a good blender why not make your own nut butters, that way you know everything that is going in them.

Fruit and nut mix or flavoured nuts
Nuts can be extremely healthy for you however be careful when buying them that you aren’t buying flavoured nut mixes that are coated in either sugar or salt. As well “healthy” fruit and nut mixes are extremely high in calories due to the dried fruit and other added things like chocolate and coconut. If you are going to have nuts in your daily diet then stick to plain, raw nuts and remove the dried fruit. If you are going to eat fruit it’s best to eat it in it’s natural raw form. That way it’s far easier to digest and still contains all it’s vitamins and minerals.

Salad Dressings
Pre made salad dressing can be some of the worst for adding in things like sugar and bad vegetable oils. Just because it’s a salad dressing and you are eating it with vegetables does not necessarily mean it’s healthy. In fact you could be taking your healthy salad and turning into a very un healthy meal depending on what you put on it. I always like to make my own dressing and stick to a good quality olive oil or coconut oil (if I’m going to add an oil to it) and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. All super healthy and delicious too.

 “Low fat” foods
Don’t believe just because something is labelled as low fat, that’s it’s good for you. So many low fat products contain sugar or other fillers to make them taste good. So whilst they are lower in fat you are essentially still consuming high calories, never mind the fact that sugar is super bad for you and provides no nutritional value to your body. So be careful when buying foods that have low fat on the label. Read the ingredients labels carefully and see just how much sugar is in there. Common culprits for these types of foods are your “low fat” breakfast cereals, yogurts, icecreams, pre-made smoothies and even your low fat pre made meals.

“Gluten free” foods
Gluten free is a huge health rage at the moment, and I know because I’m gluten intolerant myself. The problem is that people think because something is labelled as gluten free it’s healthy for you. Alot of these pre packaged gluten free foods are still filled with complex carbs, sugar, fillers and all sort of things that is hard for the body to digest. I’ve read these labels and some them contain ingredients I don’t even recognise. If you need to eat gluten free then stick to your whole foods like fruit, veggies, nuts, legumes and lean meats.

Remember when it comes to healthy eating it’s important to start learning how to read ingredient labels and what’s good and bad for you. Just because it says on the front of the package it’s healthy, doean't mean that it is. It’s always safer to stick to whole foods that don’t come out of a packet if you are unsure. Good luck on the rest of your journey and I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you want more advice like this then remember you can sign up to my newsletter and get all my health and fitness advice delivered straight to your inbox. 

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