Why weighing yourself can be misleading - Emily Skye

Why weighing yourself can be misleading

Why weighing yourself can be misleading

If you are on a mission to become a fitter and healthier you, then chances are you might be wanting to shed a few extra pounds, however if you are using your scales as the only way of tracking your progress and determining whether or not you are being successful, then you may find that you are being misled.

In order to gain control of your health, and be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself, you need to take two important factors into consideration, exercise and diet.

Diet - When we hear the word ‘diet’ and we often think of eating rabbit food and constantly feeling hungry. However, in the context of living a healthy lifestyle, diet simply means having an awareness of the foods you eat and opting to eat healthier, whole foods as opposed to highly processed foods rich in fats and sugars. Sure, if you are overweight, then you might need to consider reducing your meal sizes to help you achieve your fitness goals, however, your diet should be part of a lifestyle change, not something you have to struggle with until the moment you cannot bare it anymore. Opt to eat a sustainable diet that is healthy and portion conscious, and have the snacks you enjoy as a treat every now and then in moderation.

Exercise - If increased health and fitness is your goal, then your healthy diet should be coupled with a regular workout routine. Combining different forms of resistance and endurance training will help you achieve the results you are after in the most efficient way.

Yet this is where the issue lies. If your goal is to burn fat, whilst increasing strength and tone, then chances are your actual weight will fluctuate as you do this. The reason why? Muscle takes up less space than fat, but it is much more dense, which means it weighs more!

You may be burning off fat, and toning and shaping your body just how you like it, yet the scales may reflect weight gain.

This is why I always recommend going by how you feel as opposed to what the scales say. If weight loss is your goal, then use other methods in conjunction with your scales, such as measuring tapes, or even better… Take photos to record your progress!

Remember you don’t always get what you wish for, but you will get what you work for!

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