Is opting for low-fat foods always the healthiest option? - Emily Skye

Is opting for low-fat foods always the healthiest option?

Is opting for low-fat foods always the healthiest option?

The label ‘low-fat’, or ‘fat-free’, has been slapped onto numerous processed food products with the intention of enticing customers to opt for them over others in order to gain and maintain a slim waistline. However often these fat-free claims are not only misleading, they contain ingredients that may be even more compromising to your health!

Here are 3 important considerations when you are deciding whether or not to opt for ‘fat-free’.

Zero Fat Often Means Added Sugar

Many companies remove ‘fat’ only to replace it with sugar, especially in processed items such as yogurts, snack bars, and desserts. This is so that the original ‘flavour’ of the product is not lost. However, the reality is that the calories from sugar are more likely to have you storing extra weight than the calories from fat.

The Process Of Processing

Then there is the process that each product had to go through in order to achieve the ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ label. The further we take foods away from their natural state, the fewer nutrients they contain, and the more preservatives are added. Even in cases where there is no added sugar, often a chemical sugar substitute is used instead.

Good Fats Are Important

This is one that often gets to me, because as a society we have been lead to believe that fat is bad. However good fat is actually an essential nutrient. Not only do good fats help with the absorption of other essential nutrients, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, it also plays an important role in maintaining nerve, brain and heart function. Plus fats taste good and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

I personally opt to eat a diet richer in lean proteins and good fats and lighter in carbs. I find that this not only is an enjoyable way for me to eat, it also helps me maintain my muscle mass and body weight and gives me all the energy I need to live my active lifestyle.

So sure, if weight loss is your goal, then pick your foods wisely. However, don’t be fooled by the ‘fat-free’ label, always check the ingredients, and opt to eat healthy, fresh and naturally lean foods as much as possible!

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