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Eating healthy on a budget

Eating healthy on a budget

Have a tight budget to work with, but you don’t want your health to suffer for it? The good news is that it doesn’t have to! There are many ways in which you can cut down on your weekly shopping bill, as well as your food wastage, that won’t have you reaching for processed microwaved meals.

Here are some top tips on how you can eat healthy without breaking your bank!

  1. Plan ahead - Planning your main meals in advance, might seem like it is more effort than needed, however, it will not only help you budget your shop and ensure that have all the groceries required, it will also help you cut down on food wastage. You don’t have to be so locked in specific meals on specific days, as long as you plan the meals you will have to choose from and buy accordingly. Making sure you opt for your more perishable meals earlier in the week!
  2. Shop seasonally - When it comes to buying fresh fruit and vegetables, you are always better sticking with what is in season, as there is more available which brings the prices down. Shopping for mangoes in the middle of winter means that any that are available are likely to have been important and will be quite expensive and possibly not as tasty.
  3. Hit the markets at the end of the day - If you do your shopping at a local market, then opt to visit towards the end of the day when they are likely to have more sales on. That way you can make sure you get some good bargains.
  4. By fresh and freeze - Certain fresh foods, such as fresh herbs, can be bought in bulk when they are in season, then frozen ready to use when you need them.
  5. Embrace lentils, beans and whole grains - Lentils, beans and brown rice are all healthy nutrient rich foods that are super cheap, last a long time and are all very versatile.
  6. Broaden your culinary horizons - Not used to cooking lentils, chickpeas or other dried legumes and beans? Why not go online and look up some new recipes? You may be surprised at just how easy and delicious some foods are to make!
  7. Waste not want not - Try not to throw away leftovers. If you cook too much, pack it away in the fridge or freezer as soon as it is cooled, so that you have ready-made healthy meals available in a hurry!

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