How mindfulness can help boost your productivity - Emily Skye

How mindfulness can help boost your productivity

How mindfulness can help boost your productivity

‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Productivity’ might not be two words that you often hear in the same sentence. We think of being mindful and often picture ourselves meditating, or being still, calm and contemplative. However, mindfulness is about present moment awareness. It involves consciously shifting your attention from being caught up in random thoughts and bringing it to focus on what is happening in the present moment.

For this reason, mindfulness and productivity are a match made in heaven!

There are many reasons why practising mindfulness will enhance your quality of life, one of them being increased productivity. Not just in the workplace, but also in your home life and in your personal endeavours… Such as working towards your fitness goals!

Here are 6 ways in which practicing mindfulness will help enhance your productivity:

  1. Reduce Stress - A little bit of stress can help motivate us to get things done, yet too much is a real productivity killer. Stress can leave us feeling overwhelmed by what needs to be done and so that we don’t even know where to begin. Mindfulness helps ease stress, by enabling us to step back and assess the bigger picture so that we can have a clearer idea of how to tackle any issues. Reducing stress and making us more productive!
  2. Improved Focus - Mindfulness encourages us to bring our thoughts out of the clouds and focus our attention on the present moment. The more present we are, the more focused we can be on the issues at hand, helping to promote productivity.
  3. Makes You More Discerning - Sometimes it is all too easy to get caught up in the choices of how to proceed, which gets us stuck and stunts progression and productivity. Cultivating mindfulness helps relax the strong pull of emotions and enables us to make more grounded and discerning choices.
  4. Increases Positivity - Mindfulness in itself promotes positivity because we learn to step back from the powerful pull of negative thoughts and emotions and instead observe them in a non-judgemental manner. In doing this we promote a calmer and more positive attitude which encourages focus and productivity in all areas of our lives.
  5. Work Well In A Team - Though being mindful helps motivate us to be productive solo, it also supports a healthy team-working environment. By being more mindful of yourself, as well as others, you are better able to participate as part of a team, making you more efficient and productive.
  6. Improves Sleep - Being productive is much more likely if we are feeling well rested, which is where mindfulness comes into play. Because mindfulness helps us relax, by calming the thoughts of our mind, it helps improve our quality of sleep. Promoting more productivity during the day!

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