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Write a nutrition diary for a week

Write a nutrition diary for a week

Ever thought about what exactly you eat over the course of a week, or how much? You probably think you have a fairly good idea what we eat (and maybe you do!), however, it is surprising how many things we munch on and simply forget about.

By keeping a nutrition diary, you can not only assess whether you are getting adequate nutrition in relation to you personal needs, you can also see if there are areas you could adjust to help improve your overall health.

Keeping a food diary has loads of benefits in relation to health and fitness, such as:

  • Awareness - Awareness is a big one as many people absentmindedly put food in their mouths, or completely forget about the coffee and doughnuts they ate as a second snack mid morning. Enjoying snacks and treats is fine when done in moderation, however, it is important to remain aware of just how often you are doing it.
  • Keeping you accountable - If you are on a mission to tone up and trim down, then you will likely be considering just how many calories you consume compared to how many you expend. Keeping track of your diet with a nutrition diary will help keep you accountable.
  • Honesty - The whole thing about a nutrition diary is that it is really just for you, so there is no point in leaving things out when it comes to recording what you ate because the information is for your own benefit.
  • Self-control - Being aware of what you are eating and recording it also helps develop a bit more self-control when it comes to indulging in treats.
  • Understanding how you fuel your body - Reflecting back over what you ate compared to how you felt each day is a great way of developing a better understanding of how the foods we feed ourselves fuel us both physically and mentally.

Even though keeping an ongoing nutrition diary isn’t always for everyone, I want to encourage you to try it out for a week. Just one week of recording everything that you eat and drink. This will give you an accurate account to review your eating habits (go on, it might surprise you!), as well as any areas that you might need to focus on! 

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