My favourite ab sculpting exercises and workouts - Emily Skye

My favourite ab sculpting exercises and workouts

My favourite ab sculpting exercises and workouts

Abs, abs, abs is one of those things that every girl wants and I can totally remember back in the day when I was one of them. How to get those sculpted abs would be one of the biggest weight loss tips I get asked about. Over the years I’ve learnt in order to get abs you need to work smarter not harder, as well as eating a good well balanced diet where you go back to basics for eating. Anyway I thought I’d round up my favourite ab sculpting exercises and workouts for you. If you click on the title it will take you to the video for demonstrations. So get ready to sweat and enjoy. Health Warning: May cause abs in the process.

Below are some of my favourite ab exercises that you can add into any workout routine to really target the mid section and melt the fat off.

1. Swiss ball oblique rolls
Place your hands on the ground in a pushup position and have your shins resting on a swiss ball. Use your arms to balance yourself and draw your knees in towards either side of your body. Keep your shins on the swiss ball at all times. One set is complete when you have rolled the swiss ball to both the left and right side of your body.

2. Reverse bench crunch
Lay with your back on the reverse bench so that your lower half of the body is pointing at a 45 degree angle, with your feet towards the ground. Ensure you are holding the top of the bench with your hands. Bring your knees up to your waist line so your legs are at a right angle to your body. With your knees together slowly raise your hips off the bench and then lower them back down.

3.  Side plank rotation
Set yourself up in a side plank position, your body weight should be easily distributed between your forearm that is on the ground and your feet. Ensure that you angage your abs so that your waist doesn’t sag towards the ground. Place hand of your arm facing upwards behind your head. WIth your upwards facing elbow, twist your body towards your opposite forearm and return to starting position to complete the rep.

Full Ab Workouts
If you want a full core workout then check out these videos, where I target all areas of the abdominals.

1. Advanced Gym Workout
You are really going to get the abs working with this circuit. Be prepared to feel the burn.
x 12 Overhead med ball slams
x 12 Side plank row each side
x 20 Swiss ball oblique roll
x 20 Swiss ball pelvic tilts

Repeat for 5 rounds

2. Core & Booty Workout - No Equipment Needed
This workout not only targets your abs, but also your booty. A perfect workout for burning fat off those common problem areas. With no equipment needed you can do it anywhere, at any time.x 20 Plank side knee raises
x 20 V ups
x 20 Plank twist
x 15 Plank leg lift (each side)

Repeat for 7 rounds

3. Fat blasting core workout
This ab workout is an absolute killer but you will get results. Be preapred for the windscreen wipers. You will definitely feel your abs in those ones.
x 20 Plank side knee raises
x 20 Med ball bridge
x 15 Med ball knees to chest
x 8 Lying windscreen wipers

Repeat for 6 rounds

I hope you enjoyed these killer ab workouts and weight loss tips. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fat burning ab workouts like these.

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