Why ‘strong’ feels sexier than ‘skinny’ - Emily Skye

Why ‘strong’ feels sexier than ‘skinny’

Why ‘strong’ feels sexier than ‘skinny’

If you have been following me for a while now then you know my stance on starving yourself as a means of losing weight. Not only is it not conducive to sustainable weight loss, it is also unhealthy and will result in the loss of lean muscle mass as well.

I like to advocate for a strong body, not a skinny body! And strong can come in all different shapes and sizes!

Carving a strong body means working with what you have and building on making yourself as strong, flexible and capable as possible so you can look and feel your best.

When we look and feel our best, we present ourselves as being confident and happy within ourselves, and this ladies is a very attractive look. This doesn’t mean you should make yourself strong and capable to look good in other people's eyes (though this is a natural byproduct of leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!) it is about feeling happy and confident within yourself. Looking good for you!

So if working on transforming your body is something that interests you, then remember, aim for strong, not skinny! Eat a healthy and balanced diet, coupled with plenty of resistance and endurance training, because that is going to help you achieve the goals you are after!

If you don’t feed yourself the right kind of fuels (lean protein sources, complex carbs and vitamins and minerals gained from plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables) and enough of them, you won’t have the energy to exercise or the materials your body needs to build lean muscle mass!

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