Love yourself, love life! - Emily Skye

Love yourself, love life!

Love yourself, love life!

I find it a little disheartening how the media often projects this idea that we (women) should have to work on our appearance so that we can keep up with current trends, and appear more appealing to others. I mean, whatever happened to encouraging each other to live healthy lifestyles (balanced with a lot of fun!), so that we can look and feel our best for ourselves!?

If there is anything I have found in this world it is this… No matter what you look like, or how you dress, if you are happy, content and confident within yourself, then other people are going to want to spend time with you because that is what makes you appealing.

So why exercise and eat well? Well, I know for myself, that it is when I am feeling strong, healthy and capable that I feel the most confident within myself!

I guess what I am trying to say here is this; when you have a fitness goal you are working towards, and you decide that it is too hard, or you are going to skip out on it because no one else is watching… remember that YOU are watching. You are your number one, and it is for YOU and no one else that you work to keep yourself as strong, healthy, capable and attractive as possible. Because when you feel capable and attractive, you feel confident and content. And when you feel confident and content, well, this is when you enjoy life the most!

So be your number one and push on for you! You can do it!

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