Chuck the cheese and creamy dips for colour, health & flavour! - Emily Skye

Chuck the cheese and creamy dips for colour, health & flavour!

Chuck the cheese and creamy dips for colour, health & flavour!

Everyone loves a good food platter, especially if you are enjoying a nice beverage amongst friends, yet so often I see people laying out cheeses, cream filled dips and processed meats as though these are the only options. Sure, you might enjoy a little of this with your glass of wine, however, you can do so much more! Not just for the health of your body, but also for the flavour!

Here are some simple tips you can incorporate to spice up a simple food platter, that will have your guests complimenting your skills as a hostess!

Balance - If you enjoy a good cheese, then there is nothing wrong with having that on your food platter, but try to balance your fatty foods with plenty of colourful fresh options. Not only will this provide more flavour and options, it will also cater to a wider variety of tastes and dietary requirements!

Aesthetics - I am a firm believer in aesthetics when it comes to food. When it looks good, well, that is half the fun! So I like to have my food platters cover a wide range of colours. Not only does this make them look colourful and appealing, it also means I have provided a wider range of nutrients for people to pick at and enjoy! Incorporating colourful vegetables, such as different capsicums, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, celery and olives means that you are offering your guests a wide range of flavours and textures to choose from as well as different nutrients!

Sweet and Savoury - I love to incorporate a bit of sweet and savoury into my food platter, and this doesn't mean it has to be chocolate and party pies! Try mixing vegetables with some different fruits (such as grapes, strawberries or apples) to sweeten up your food platter and offer more variety.

Simple dips - Instead of going out and buying lots of expensive, highly processed and fatty dips, why not make your own? Simple mashed avocado, tzatziki or hummus dips are really easy to make, much better for your health and they taste amazing!

Fresh is best - I personally avoid gluten, for digestive reasons, but I also prefer to opt for fresh instead of cracker options. Try using raw vegetable sticks as an alternate, or an accompaniment to your normal crackers. Not only do these provide more flavour and texture, they are also much better for your health!

At the end of the day, there are no rules when it comes to creating your own food platter. So get as creative as you like! Try using foods that are in season, or whatever you might have available. As long as you keep it fresh, colourful and varied, then you are bound to please your guest’s taste buds, as well as your own.

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