Causes, preventions and treatments of cellulite - Emily Skye

Causes, preventions and treatments of cellulite

Causes, preventions and treatments of cellulite

Got cellulite? You are not alone, in fact, 90% of all adult women have some cellulite on their body. Despite what many people might believe, cellulite is not actually a reflection of your weight, size or even of your level of health and fitness. Cellulite is simply a fact of life.

Even though a little cellulite is unavoidable for most women, it can be reassuring knowing that there are ways in which you can help prevent it, and reduce the appearance of the cellulite you already have.


For most women, cellulite is something that has been handed down to us genetically (Thanks, mum!). But it can also be caused by excessive weight gain, poor diet and lack of exercise. So for this reason, living an active lifestyle with regular exercise, coupled with a healthy and nutritious diet, one that is full of fresh unprocessed foods, is the best way to reduce the occurrence of cellulite.

Another time cellulite can become more noticeable is when someone loses a large amount of weight quickly, through diet only (dramatically cutting down on calorie intake, without coupling it with exercise). So this is just another reason why exercise is always an important consideration when opting to lose weight so that you can tone up and slim down at the same time.

Appearance reduction:

Though there are expensive creams available (many of which the effectiveness is questionable), and short of having surgery, the most effective and wholesome approach to reducing cellulite appearance is living a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you have cellulite in specific areas, then working to tone these areas, so as to reduce loose skin, is your best bet at helping reduce its appearance. Most women find their problem areas to be (though not exclusively) their thighs, butt, abdomen and upper arms. So by working with resistance exercises that target these muscle groups, as well as endurance training that helps both strengthen your body and shed unwanted weight, you can help tone these areas so that your skin appears tight and taut over your defined muscles.

Another tip is hydration. If you are dehydrated then problem areas you have are going to appear more cellulite dimpled than normal, so drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, especially before hitting the beach or the pool in your favourite swimsuit!

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