Why building muscle is important to your health and wellbeing - Emily Skye

Why building muscle is important to your health and wellbeing

Why building muscle is important to your health and wellbeing

Your muscles play a crucial role in the movement, stability, strength and support of your whole body. Yet, they are going to be there whether we work at strengthening them or not, right? Well…. Yes….

Sure, you are going to have muscles in your body whether you work on them or not. But you should ask yourself, Are you happy with a body that just gets you by, or do you want one that allows you to skip, run, jump and dance through life all the way to the very end?

By working on developing and maintaining your lean muscle mass, you can help protect yourself against injury. Other benefits include supporting better balance and coordination, improving your posture and physique as well as increasing your body’s ability to burn more calories, even when you are doing nothing at all!

Here are some of the many reasons why resistance training should be a regular part of your weekly workout schedule.

Strength - This one might be the most obvious: If you practice regular resistance training, your muscles will gain and maintain strength, which is important for feeling capable and independent!

Balance & Agility - Your muscles, in particular, your core muscles of your back and abdomen, play a very important role in your balance and agility. By working to keep these muscles strong you will enhance you ability to perform normal everyday activities that require balance and movement, such as sports or simply manoeuvring your way through a crowded room.

Reduce Risk Of Injury - By working on strengthening your muscles that surround and move your joints, you are helping stabilize and support them during movement and weight bearing, which reduces your risk of injury. This might not seem so important when you are 18, but even when you are still as young as 30, you may start to notice that your body isn’t quite what it used to be, which is why working to keep yourself strong and mobile now, will keep you independent and healthy as you get older.

Increase Calorie Burning Efficiency - Your muscles require energy (calories) even to perform the most basic functions. Which means that standing up, walking to the fridge, or simply breathing, is burning calories. This is called your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Exercising increases the rate at which you burn calories simply whilst maintaining your body’s normal functions. Even better though is the fact that the more lean muscle mass you have working, the more calories you are going to burn when you really start moving about. So by working to maintain or increase your muscles, you are supporting and enhancing your natural ability to burn calories!

Tone And Definition - The more you work the muscles of your body, the more tone and definition you will have, which means what you see when you look in the mirror will reflect the way you feel, strong and sexy!

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