Tips to get you up out of a slump, and powering on - Emily Skye

Tips to get you up out of a slump, and powering on

Tips to get you up out of a slump, and powering on

Ever have those days when you just feel a little negative about, well, everything? Those times when everything seems a lot harder or more challenging than it normally is?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then don't worry, you are not alone!

Having 'down' days, or 'bad' days is something we all experience at times. There are many factors that can contribute to these days, such as poor sleep, fluctuating hormones, poor diet and even lack of exercise, however sometimes we just feel a bit off and there is not noticeable reason why. I guess we can’t feel amazing and positive every second of every day, so having the odd bad day is simply part of life.

The good news is that YOU CAN consciously work to change your mindset, either to help pull yourself out of a negative slump and redirect your day back onto a more positive pathway or to simply be a little more understanding and accepting of how we feel, so that we are not overwhelmed by negativity.

The key is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a technique that can be practised literally anywhere and at any time. Though it has been practised for thousands of years by different cultures worldwide, it is fast being recognised as a useful tool in modern society to help combat mental health condition, promote productivity and generally enhance people’s quality of life.

How does mindfulness work?

Mindfulness is a technique that is used to help us better understand the workings of our own mind. That constant chattering that happens whether we are focusing on it or not. It helps us recognise our moods, our feelings, our thoughts and perhaps even learn the different things that set us off. In a very simplified description mindfulness uses two key concepts:

  • Awareness - Drawing your awareness into what is happening in the present moment. On an external lever by noticing what is happening in your immediate environment, and on an internal level by observing how you are feeling physically and mentally.
  • Acceptance - Learning to accept the thoughts and feelings of the mind, through non-judgemental observation. So instead of fighting against your thoughts, you learn to accept them, and from here you can even learn to turn the volume down on them a little so that you are not so distracted by them.

Mindfulness has been used as a motivational tool by numerous big time companies, such as Apple, Google, Yahoo and even HBO, and more are catching on each day. The reason why? As you become more aware of how your are thinking and feeling in each moment, you become more capable of motivating yourself into a more positive direction. Which is why mindfulness is such a great tool for helping pull yourself out of a slump and motivating yourself to get up and at it!

Mindfulness is a skill, and like with all skills, it takes a little practice. But the more you practice, the more natural it becomes, and the more benefits you will reap from simply being more present and aware!

There are numerous tools out there designed to help you develop mindfulness, some of the more popular being mindfulness meditations, as they are very good for people who are complete ‘mindfulness newbies’!

So hop online and find some mindfulness meditations that work for you! Remember there are so many different meditations, and other mindfulness techniques out there, so try a few and see if you can find one that works well for you! 

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