Why training your legs is a necessary evil! - Emily Skye

Why training your legs is a necessary evil!

Why training your legs is a necessary evil!

Do you love those leg training sessions that leave you hobbling around for days afterwards? No? Well, don’t let a little DOM’s put you off leg day. There are numerous reasons (let's call them incentives) as to why training your legs is important and shouldn't be overlooked!

  • Strength & Independence - Having strength in your legs and buttocks means you will have more power, endurance and balance. It also means you are at less risk of injury and will increase and maintain your independence.
  • Reduce cellulite - Cellulite is something that most women have on their body and is most common around the buttocks and thighs. By working on tightening up the muscles of this area and sculpting definition, you are also reducing excess fat and skin, which means you are also reducing the occurrence or appearance of cellulite.
  • Overall body balance - I cannot stress this one enough, balance is important! I don’t mean being able to walk a tightrope, I mean making sure that you spend time focusing on all the different major muscle groups, not just one or two areas. For this reason, your legs are an important area to consider when planning your weekly training schedule.
  • Increase fat burning capacity - Your legs and buttocks include the largest muscles in your body. The more muscles fibres you have here, the more energy you are expending simply by going about your normal daily tasks. So by working on strengthening this area, you are increasing your resting metabolic rate.
  • Shape is sexy! - Having shape is feminine and sexy, and what better way to work on carving shape into your body, than by working on strengthening and defining the muscles of your legs and butt!

So push through those squats, and do that extra set of box jumps, because having strong legs will increase your independence as well as keep you looking and feeling fit and fantastic!

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