The best ways of pulling yourself out of a rut - Emily Skye

The best ways of pulling yourself out of a rut

The best ways of pulling yourself out of a rut

We all have the occasional days off days where we just can’t seem to muster the energy or enthusiasm to get anything done. You know the days? When you would rather just crawl back into bed and watch a movie, read a book or simply sleep. This is fine on the off chance that we have nothing to do that day, however, it can be really frustrating when we have made plans or need to get things done!

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to help pull yourself out of a rut, and give you the energy and enthusiasm needed to get out and seize the day!

  1. Drink up - This might seem like ‘go-to’ advice from any fitness expert, however, dehydration can have a very lethargic effect on the body and mind. So before anything else, try drinking a large cool glass of water and letting it settle for 10 minutes. Jazz your water up with some fresh lemon or lime, or some mint leaves, to add nutrients as well as vitalizing flavours.
  2. Set the mood - I really notice that my mood can be altered or affected by whatever music I listen to. Sad music makes me feel a little melancholy and happy upbeat music peps me up and stimulates my body and mind. Make yourself a motivational play list of songs that you know pick you up and make you feel good, so you can play it when you are needing that extra motivation.
  3. Fuel for thought - Think about your diet and consider if you might be lacking in energy or specific nutrients? Nutrition plays a huge role in how you are feeling both physically and emotionally. Bear in mind that fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, complex carbs and some good fats are all important in the maintenance of your body and mind.
  4. Add some energisers - If you feel that your diet has been adequate, then you might want to consider a little natural pep up. Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, as well as being naturally high in caffeine. If you are not a huge fan of green tea you can always mix it with other herbal teas, or add some lemon juice and honey to alter the flavour to your liking.
  5. Pep it up - Even if you don’t really feel like it, it is amazing how much a quick 10-minute high-intensity workout can alter your mood and your energy levels. Exercise pumps your body full of endorphins as well as stimulating the production of other happy hormones in your body. It also stimulates blood flow, flushing your whole body with oxygen and nutrient rich blood, working to stimulate you and wake you up.

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