5 spectacular wild walks you may never have heard of - Emily Skye

5 spectacular wild walks you may never have heard of

5 spectacular wild walks you may never have heard of

It doesn’t matter what your fitness or experience level is, or what types of terrain you would like to explore, this beautiful planet we live on really does have it all. For me, I simply love exploring the world, and what better way to do this than on my own two feet? Yet even though I love a bit of a challenge, here are 5 walks that both excite me and make me a little nervous!

El Caminito del Rey - Spain

This walk is considered the world's most dangerous walkway, and following 5 deaths in 2000, it was closed for over 4 years for extensive repairs and renovations. It has since re-opened in 2015 and has once again been attracting hiking enthusiasts and daredevils alike to go and try the sheer cliff side experience of this stunning walk.

Mount Huashan - China

This stunning and terrifying walk takes hikers up along sheer cliff faces on one of China’s 5 great mountains. Considered a place of great religious importance, this magnificent and challenging walk has attracted hiking enthusiasts from all over the world. The best part? Once you have made it to the top you get to sit and enjoy a nice hot cup of Chinese tea in the tea house situated at the mountain's peak (pictured above).

GR 20 - Corsica

Considered to be Europe’s toughest trek (and most beautiful!), this incredible trail runs north-south along the length of the island at a distance of 180 km. It takes most people a couple of weeks to complete, however, it was one completed in 31 hours by Francois D’Haene in 2016!? Though there is little climbing involved in completing this trek, it does require a high level of fitness as well as confidence to tackle this varying terrain. Definitely not a walk for the faint-hearted!

Angels Landing - Utah

This trek involves being supported by chains bolted into the edge of cliff faces, which, let's be honest, is again not a trek for those without a little dare devil inside them. Even though this trail is just under 4 km in length (a fairly short trek comparatively) it involves lots of climbing and precarious walks on the very edge of cliff faces, overlooking the Zion Canyon.

Via Ferrata - Italy/Austria

This is another trek that involves the use of a steel cable that runs along the entire length of the path and has been bolted to the rock. There are also numerous exposed ladders as well as incredibly impressive peak tops along the Alps that cross from Italy to Austria. This walk is made up of numerous trails of varying lengths that are all considered part of the Via Ferrata.

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