The science behind exercise and weightloss - Emily Skye

The science behind exercise and weightloss

The science behind exercise and weightloss

There is an ongoing debate amongst many fitness professionals as to what is the best type of exercise for targeting weight loss. Some say endurance training is the fastest and most effective way to burn calories, whilst others argue that resistance training provides a more sustainable platform for achieving weight loss goals. Personally? I think both have their merits, but that you will see the best results by incorporating both into your weekly workout schedule.

Here is why:

Endurance training: Though this term can refer to building muscle endurance, it is more commonly used in reference to cardio or aerobic exercises. These are exercises that get both your heart and lungs pumping hard at a fairly consistent level. Examples include running, cycling, HIIT and swimming. When it comes to burning calories quickly, endurance training does take the cake.

Resistance training: Resistance training refers to muscle strength building exercises that use either isotonic, isometric or isokinetic focused exercises. Basically exercises that have you lift, hold, pull or push weight, such as deadlifts, pushups, plank or lat pull-downs. These exercises work to stress and tear your muscle fibres, causing your body to create more muscle fibres, stronger and more resilient than before. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you are burning doing everyday activities. This means that resistance training ups your metabolism helping you burn calories around the clock, even when you are not training!

So, in conclusion:

You will burn more calories in half an hour of running than you would when doing half an hour of weight training. However, the work you do when practising resistance training has a slow burn calorie effect. You keep burning calories long after you have stopped training. By combining both endurance and resistance training into your weekly workout schedule you will not only efficiently burn off calories, you will help increase your body’s ability to burn calories even when you aren’t trying to! 

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