Exercising your brain - healthy mind = healthy body - Emily Skye

Exercising your brain - healthy mind = healthy body

Exercising your brain - healthy mind = healthy body

Keeping yourself fit and healthy isn’t just about eating the right foods and making sure you workout on a regular basis. It also involves looking after your mind and exercising your brain to help keep it active and on the ball.

Exercising your brain might not be something you have given much thought to in the past, however, studies show that regular exercise of your brain can not only enhance your cognitive function and improve your memory capacity, it can also help ward off dementia and other degenerative brain diseases. Plus there is the added benefit that when you exercise and stimulate your brain you are actually encouraging positive emotions and are much more likely to feel optimistic, enthusiastic and be generally more productive in life!

Here are some ways in which you can exercise your brain and keep yourself ahead of the game!

  • Learn a language - Enhancing your vocabulary, by adding another, has been proven to help reduce cognitive decline. Not only are you opening up new branches of your brain to be able to think in a whole new language, you are also challenging your listening skills as well as your ability to create unfamiliar sounds.
  • Play strategic games - If you love games such as Chess, Risk or even Monopoly, then you will be pleased to know that these strategic games are working to exercise your brain! Other solo games that work wonders for your mind include Sudoku, Solitaire and crossword puzzles.
  • Learn a new skill - Learning a new skill over a period of time, such as a musical instrument or a physical sport like basketball or juggling, are excellent ways of challenging your brain and encouraging it to think outside of its normal patterns.
  • Play memory games - Playing memory games is an excellent tool for not only keeping your brain active and healthy, but can also enhance your current memory capabilities! So if you find it difficult remembering where you left things or recalling conversations from the day before, consider practising some memory games each day to help improve your memory.
  • Do simple math in your head - With calculators on our phones, ipads and laptops, it is all too easy to be lazy and use them. However, small math should be able to be done in your head, so challenge yourself (even if you check to make sure you got it correct afterwards!).
  • Refine your hand-eye skills - Any activity that involves both hand-eye skills, such as painting, knitting, jigsaw puzzles, or even making card castles, are all excellent ways of exercising your brain and keeping it sharp.
  • Taste something new - This one might surprise you, however, challenging your brain by introducing it to new experiences such as trying new flavours, is actually a great way of exercising it and keeping it healthy!

Your brain is kind of like a muscle in many respects and just like any other major muscles in your body...If you don’t use it, you risk losing it!

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