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10 tips for carving seriously toned arms

10 tips for carving seriously toned arms

Ladies, though your first thoughts of training your arms might be that you will bulk up like She-hulk, this is just not the case. Unfortunately, if your goal IS to bulk up and have huge muscle arms, woman have to train a lot harder than men and this comes down to testosterone levels and our genetic makeup. Training your arms will not only help develop strength and give you a sleek and defined look, it will also help you avoid those wobbly buffalo wings or cellulite in your upper arms!

Here are 10 tips that will help you carve some seriously toned arms:

  1. Compound movements - Don’t forget that some of the big compound movements like chin ups, Dips, Push-ups, and Deadlifts give your arms a serious workout too. It doesn’t all have to be isolated arm exercises.
  2. Variety - There are a LOT of different kinds of arm exercises out there and it can be tempting to use them all, but it is better to pick a few that match your goals and work on improving your form and weight or reps.
  3. Consistency - Just like training any muscle group, consistency is the key to getting results. Don’t just wait until you see your arms in a shirt that you don’t like to work on your arms, make it a part of your weekly routine.
  4. Don’t forget the triceps - When thinking about training arms most people will jump straight to the bicep, but if you want those toned sexy arms that stay looking great as you get older, don’t forget the triceps!
  5. Don’t forget to stretch - If you don’t stretch you will limit your potential for muscle growth and could also end up with restricted movement through muscles tightening up.
  6. Quality over quantity - If you can’t finish the last couple of reps of that set without compromising your form, drop the weight back down until you can. Training with proper form is always key.
  7. Use supersets - Supersets are where you do two different exercise movements back to back without rest in between, for example, a bicep exercise followed immediately by a tricep exercise.
  8. Squeeze at the top - Building muscles is about keeping the muscle under tension, and with arm training, you can do this by holding for an extra squeeze at the top of the movement.
  9. Diet - If you want your arms to grow, you need to feed them! Make sure you are fuelling your workouts with all the nutrition you need both pre and post workout.
  10. Rest - All muscles (including your arm muscles) are built while you sleep! So make sure you are getting plenty of good restful sleep.

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