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7 ways you can help stay fit whilst at work

7 ways you can help stay fit whilst at work

Find it hard finding time in your busy schedule to roster in time to exercise? You are not alone, life can be hectic at times. This is why it is such a great idea to find ways to incorporate a little fitness into your everyday activities, including at work! Work in an office? No problem, there are still loads of little tricks you can do to make sure you are working those muscles and getting your heart pumping!

  1. Walk to work - If you live close enough, walk or ride to work. It is a great way to stimulate your brain ready for action! If you don’t live close enough, consider parking further away, so you still have a short walk to and from work.
  2. Always opt for the stairs - Whenever you see stairs as an option, opt for them! It doesn't matter if it is the stairs to get to your story of the building or the stairs in the shopping center, climbing stairs is an excellent way to keep your legs and butt toned, as well as kicking your cardiovascular system into action.
  3. Be social - Need to contact someone in the office down the hall, or get a message to a college? If it's possible, why not get up and walk to them instead of using the phone or messenger. Not only will this get you up off your chair, it is also an opportunity to look away from your computer screen and go say a quick hi!
  4. Opt for an exercise ball - Using an exercise ball instead of an office chair (or alternating between the two) is an excellent way to engage those core muscles, as well as help improve your posture.
  5. Standing desk - Standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting, which can add up. If you stand instead of sit for 3 hours a day, over a 5 day work week that is 750 extra calories burned! Standing desks (or desks that can alternate between standing and sitting) also have many other health benefits, like keeping the blood circulating throughout your whole body. They also require you to engage more muscles (which does burn calories) and can help support good posture.
  6. Go out for lunch - Even if you take a healthy packed lunch to work, why not make the most of your break time and go for a quick walk to enjoy it outside somewhere nice? Getting out for a walk will help burn calories, plus the outside air will recharge your brain and help freshen you up for getting back to work.
  7. Mini workout breaks - If people can take ‘smoke breaks’ then why not take a quick 5-10 minute workout break every now and then. There are loads of exercises you can do even from an office stall, so why not get creative and have some fun with it!

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