Tips to help motivate yourself and others! - Emily Skye

Tips to help motivate yourself and others!

Tips to help motivate yourself and others!

Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is finding the motivation to get started. Life is constantly throwing obstacles in our path, and it is all too easy to use any number of these obstacles as an excuse to just quit and give up. Yet you are accountable for your choices and it is you that you are letting down if you give in to procrastination or laziness.

So here are some tips to help get yourself motivated to exercise, and even help you motivate others as well!

Set an alarm - Waking up a little bit earlier than you might do naturally is a great way to get you up and prepared for the day ahead. Not only do you get to enjoy the motivating morning energies, you also get a little more time in your day to get things done!

Morning affirmations - Make yourself a positive affirmation for the day, that you can sit on your bedside table or somewhere you will see each morning. It can be anything you like, such as ‘I will be active towards my fitness goals today’. When you read it, repeat it to yourself with conviction. It is amazing how much positive affirmations can motivate.

Set goal reminders - If you have a particular fitness goal in mind, such as fitting into a dress for a wedding, or getting into shape, or following in the footsteps of someone who inspires you, then leave little reminders around your home.Such as photos or quotes on your fridge, and fitness gear where you can see it.

Mix it up - Don’t allow yourself to become bored with exercise. Mix it up and incorporate some fun activities into your week that you can look forward to and enjoy, such as sports, or classes, bike riding, bush walking, indoor climbing, or anything that interests you!

Find a workout buddy - Having a workout buddy who is equally interested in being fit will not only motivate you, it will motivate them as well! Having someone you make plans to exercise with will help keep you accountable and encourages you to actually get up and do it!

Join classes - Don’t just rely on your own workouts, join classes where you have a set time and place to attend. This will motivate you to stay on schedule and turn up. Plus exercising with others adds a healthy level of competition and will encourage you to push yourself harder!

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