Take advantage of the sunshine and step outside and into shape - Emily Skye

Take advantage of the sunshine and step outside and into shape

Take advantage of the sunshine and step outside and into shape

Winter is officially over and the sun is spending longer in the sky. This means more inviting weather for outside activities, an increase in social events, and that beach weather is just around the corner. So it's time to shrug off those woolies, kick off your ugg boots, lace up your trainers and head outside into the sunshine!

Here are some fresh ways you can help yourself spring into shape this season!

Set a new schedule - With winter behind us it is time to re-think the workout schedule. Before you had to cater to colder weather, and shorter days, so now you have more sunlight hours and warmer weather you can incorporate more into each day!

Take it outdoors - In the winter months you have to consider what is indoor and warm, now it is time to think outside and fresh! Incorporate some outdoor activities such as bike riding, jogging, sports or calisthenics in the park!

Buy some new shoes - The beginning of Spring is an excellent time to buy a new pair of trainers. Having good footwear offers support to your whole body, plus it feels great and will help motivate you to get active. Remember when buying trainers it is best to shop in the afternoon because your feet tend to expand slightly in the afternoons. This way you can guarantee you get a good fit!

Shelf your scales - If you use scales in your bathroom, then now is the time to shelf them. The extra weight that comes with winter will start to melt away as you become more active, however, you will be replacing it with some more lean muscle mass which weighs more than fat. So try to avoid the scales and just go by what you see and feel!

Make it social - Winter time usually means a dip in social interactions as everyone stays home in the warmth. Now that the weather is warming up, gather your friends together for group training sessions, whether it be in the park or at your gym. It is a great way to motivate each other, plus you can have a coffee and a catch up afterward!

Awaken your inner child - You might laugh, but kids are really onto something with their hula-hoops and skipping ropes. Try giving these a go to spice up your workout and really put a spring in your step. You may be surprised at just how much of a sweat you build up!

Try something new - New season, new possibilities, why not try something new? There are loads of great activities that you can participate in or join, especially at your local beach or park. Why not try a yoga class, or Tai chi, or even join a sports team?

There are lots of fun ways you can make the most of the warmer weather, whilst getting fit. So get out in the fresh air and Spring into shape!

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