Why you might not be noticing the results you are after - Emily Skye

Why you might not be noticing the results you are after

Why you might not be noticing the results you are after

Have your dedicated yourself to a fitness plan in an attempt to achieve your fitness goals, yet are not seeing any results? It can be really disheartening and sometimes can even make you feel as though the effort just isn’t worth it. But don’t give up just yet, chances are that there are some simple obstacles in your way that you didn’t even realize were holding you back.

Here are 7 common oversights people make that hinder their progress towards achieving their fitness goals:

  1. Not getting the proper fuel - It doesn’t matter if your goal is to trim down, tone up, or a combination of both, your body needs good fuel and enough of it to sustain yourself through your workouts, as well as give your body the building material it needs to repair and rebuild after an intense workout. So even if you are lowering your overall calorie intake, make sure you are still getting enough (so that you don’t feel tired and have the energy you need throughout your day), and from the right sources, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, beans, legumes and whole grains.
  2. Not getting enough rest - Sleep is an essential consideration to any workout plan, not only because you need to have the energy, both physically and mentally, to complete all your training sessions with 100% effort, you also need sleep to help your body rebuild and repair. It is during sleep that the majority of your cells are repaired, including your muscle cells. The average adult needs between 7-9 hours per night to gain all the healing benefits that sleep provides.
  3. Not reaching your optimum workout intensity - When it comes to training, you really need to give it your all, or you are not going to see the results you are after. So when you set time aside to train, make sure you make the most of it! You can help ensure that you do this by eating a protein rich snack an hour before training, so that you have the energy, making sure you are hydrated and even enjoying a green tea beforehand for the extra caffeine boost.
  4. Overtraining - If you have a goal in mind, then working out as hard as possible as often as possible might seem like the best way of achieving results quickly, however, this isn’t the case. Your body needs recovery time in between intense training sessions so that the muscles can repair, building themselves stronger and more resilient than before. If you don't give your muscles adequate recovery time, then you will not only relay your results, you are also likely to experience pain, muscle fatigue and risk injuring yourself.
  5. Overlooking weight training - This is one that many women tend to do. Even if you are hoping to trim down, weight training will help you get there! In fact, weight training actually helps raise your BMR, so that you continue to burn calories long after you have finished training. Weight training will also help you strengthen and tone your whole body.
  6. Sacrificing form - When weight training, it is important that you don’t sacrifice form just so that you can get in some extra reps. Form is important, not only for helping your work your muscles in a way that will strengthen them but also for your own safety.
  7. Not loving what you are doing - At the end of the day, it is important that you love what you do (at least a little bit!) so that you don’t become bored and disheartened with your training sessions. Sure, you might not ‘love’ all of it, but make sure you incorporate exercises or activities, and mix up your workouts, to keep it interesting and help prevent yourself from plateauing or becoming bored!

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