Pack a healthy lunch that will help you last the distance - Emily Skye

Pack a healthy lunch that will help you last the distance

Pack a healthy lunch that will help you last the distance

If you don’t think ahead and pack your own snacks for those days that you know will keep you away from home for extended periods, then chances are you will end up having an energy drop, getting hungry and eating whatever you can get your hands on! More often than not, this ends up being something that is not very healthy and doesn’t provide you the energy and brainpower you need to make the most of your day.

This is why being smart and packing healthy snacks for your long days is so important.

Not really sure what kind of snack to pack? Here are some amazing nutrient dense snack suggestions that will satisfy your taste buds, whilst also making sure you are getting all the energy and nutrients you need to keep you powering on!

Snack Ideas

  • Boiled eggs - You can peel them, or alternatively keep the shell on to keep them as fresh as possible for longer.
  • Celery and peanut butter - Cut your celery into small sticks, or just bring the long stalks and dip them straight into your peanut butter jar!
  • Humous and snow peas - Either make your own hummus or opt for small ‘snack size’ options and remember to rinse your snow peas beforehand!
  • Trail mix - Make your own trail mix, or buy it premixed, this combination of nuts, seeds, and some dried fruits is an excellent snack option.
  • Cheese and carrot sticks - Cheese and carrot sticks give you an excellent combo of protein and complex carbs so that you have the energy to keep going.
  • Greek yogurt cups and fresh berries - Individual sized yogurts are a great option. Just make sure it isn’t packed full of sugar, and instead bring fresh fruits to add for sweetness and extra nutrients!
  • Fruit - You can’t go past a good piece of fruit, such as a banana, apple or orange as an excellent energy filled snack source for during a busy day.

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