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How to boost your recovery after training

How to boost your recovery after training

One of the important parts of training is making sure that your body recovers from it so that you can gain the well-deserved benefits from your hard work. With a good diet and adequate sleep, your body will be able to heal and recover itself, however, there are ways in which you can help amp up your recovery time so that you can get back and at it sooner and achieve your goals faster!

Boost your magnesium levels - Magnesium is excellent for helping ease muscle cramps and soreness that occur due to the stresses of exercise. It also plays numerous other roles in your body, such as protein synthesis and energy metabolism. It also supports your parasympathetic nervous system which helps regulate your sleeping patterns. Sleep, as you know, plays a vital role in muscle recovery. So you can help amp up our recovery time by making sure you get plenty of magnesium in your diet.

Excellent sources of magnesium include:

  • Spinach
  • Black beans
  • Almonds
  • Natural yogurt

Snack on some protein - Your muscles are not going to recover after a workout unless you are feeding them the materials needed to rebuild and repair. This means protein and plenty of it. After you finish your training session, make sure you grab a healthy protein-rich snack to munch on, to make sure you have all the building blocks you require!

Active recovery - Though rest days are important, you don’t have to just lie around and do nothing. Active recovery, which basically involves any low-intensity exercise on the muscle areas you are resting, is actually an excellent way to keep blood flow stimulated in this area and aid in the healing/recovery process!

Massage - Massages not only feel great, they can also help aid in your recovery process after an intense training session. Massages are believed to improve blood flow to the stressed muscle fibres, ease inflammation and reduce muscle tightness.

Sleep - I can’t stress this one enough, you need to get adequate sleep if you want your muscles to recover as quickly as possible! This is because it is during sleep that your body does most of its healing. Each time you exercise your muscles to the point of discomfort, you are actually stressing and tearing the muscle fibers. This means your body needs enough sleep so that it is able to repair or rebuild those muscle fibers, stronger and more resilient than before. If you are not getting adequate sleep, you are going to be prolonging the time it takes for your body to heal, so make sure you aim for 7-9 hours sleep each night!

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