Why you shouldn't neglect your back when training - Emily Skye

Why you shouldn't neglect your back when training

Why you shouldn't neglect your back when training

For many women, resistance training is often tailored to the ‘problem areas’ that many women have, such as their legs, butts, abs, and arms. However, training your back should not be overlooked, and here is why:

Posture: Your back plays a key role in your posture, and whilst good posture will help you look amazing in your favorite dress, it is also integral to your health and wellbeing. Poor posture can lead to numerous health complaints from poor back to poor digestion!

Strength and mobility: Your back is integral to basically all the movements you do in your everyday life, from lifting to twisting and turning or even simply sitting upright. The stronger your back is, the more capable you are going to be with moving around, the more strength you will have and the less likely you will be to injure yourself.

A balanced body: Often people get so caught up in focusing on creating washboard abs that they forget to balance it out with some back focused exercises. If you work to strengthen your abdominals, whilst neglecting your back muscles, you are going to cause an unbalance in your body and will increase your risk of injuring yourself.

Aesthetic purposes: Though this shouldn’t be the most important reason when it comes to training your back muscles, it is still a very satisfying reason, because a defined back is very sexy! Don’t let the thought of becoming too muscular put you off training your back, because the reality is that women struggle to bulk up the same way men do. We simply don’t have the testosterone levels. So, unfortunately, if you are wanting to train your back to become ripped with muscle, you are going to have to train very hard!

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