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F.I.T. Transformations

F.I.T. Transformations

What get’s me up in the morning and drives me everyday is knowing I can help all these beautiful women in their health and fitness journey. Over the years I have seen some awesome transformations and I want to start sharing with you some of their amazing stories. These women are why I do what I do and continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

Meet Judy, who has gone through all of my programs and I’ve just loved watching her transform over the last year. She really is such a rockstar. Keep it up Judy and I love having you part of the Skye F.I.T. Family.

Words from Judy:

"I first bought my first Emily Skye shred (30 day shred) in November 2013, I progressed and got results in such a positive way I seriously never thought possible, I lost about 4kg and 12cm. I always thought working out was cardio for hours and was the best way to be healthy, but boy was I wrong.

Since my first shred I purchased the ab shred & the 28 day shred in which I've done & succeeded in them all. It's been shown to me by Emily that good healthy nutritious food & daily workouts including weights in which I do at home are definitely the way to a fit, toned and healthy body. 

I've now purchased the fit phase 1 & couldn't be happier with my results, I've toned up and have gone down in fat %. This program I highly recommend to anyone wanting to be fit & healthy. I'm 40 years old and a mum of 2 and a wife and I can honestly say I'm the fittest and healthiest I've ever been in my life. I've also learnt if u slip up that's ok you just need to stay positive and focus on your goals"

Thank you so much for sharing your journey Judy and I can't wait to share more inspiring stories like this on the blog. 

Emily xo

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