How to keep bad breath at bay - Emily Skye

How to keep bad breath at bay

How to keep bad breath at bay

Bad breath is something we all experience every now and then, especially if you love your coffee as much as I do!

Did you know there is actually a technical name for bad breath? Chronic ‘halitosis’, is actually more common than you might think, with 2.5% of the adult population having it. Though there are numerous causes for halitosis, the most common is a sulfur producing bacteria that form on the tongue or the back of the throat.

Having bad breath can have a huge impact on confidence, not to mention leaving an unpleasant taste in your mouth!

So if you worry about the fragrance of your breath, try these tips to help beat bad breath and keep your mouth smelling fresh!

  1. Floss daily - If you don’t floss that often, try flossing and smelling the floss after you have used it. Heads up? It smells gross! Food gets stuck between your teeth even when you can't see or feel it. This gathers bacteria and starts to decay, leaving your mouth smelling… Less than pleasant. So floss every day!
  2. Use a good toothpaste - If you are struggling with bad breath, it might not be a bad idea to reassess what type of toothpaste you are using. You want to aim for a strong minty flavoured one to really help you combat bad odours.
  3. Scrape your tongue - The majority of the bacteria in your mouth rests on your tongue, not your teeth! So each time you brush your teeth (ideally twice a day!), make sure you scrape or brush your tongue as well to get rid of all the bad smelling bacteria.
  4. Rinse out with mouthwash - Mouthwash is an excellent way to help combat bacteria causing bad breath.
  5. Avoid strongly scented foods before going out - Foods such as garlic, onion, and coffee tend to leave a sour smell in your mouth for some time after you have eaten or drunk them. So if you know you are prone to bad breath, avoid these before attending a social event where you will be up close and chatting with people!
  6. Chew sugarless gum - Skip the after-dinner mint and opt for sugarless gum to help cleanse your palate and rid yourself of bad odours. Sugar actually feeds the bad bacteria that like to stink up your mouth, so opt for sugar-free mints or gum, both of which stimulate the production of saliva, which is your body’s natural defense against bad bacteria and decay!
  7. Avoid smoking - Fortunately, smoking is becoming less and less popular these days, for numerous important health reasons. Another reason to avoid cigarettes is the unpleasant smell they leave on your breath, even hours after smoking.

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