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Top tips to train harder and longer

Top tips to train harder and longer

There is no denying that working towards your fitness goals requires a lot of dedication, commitment, and let's be honest, hard work! It often comes down to training your mind and body to be able to tackle your training sessions with everything you’ve got. This means gradually learning to push harder and for longer, so you can get the most out of your exercise sessions.

Fuel up first - Training on empty is a rookie mistake, you are not going to be able to give 100% when you are working on fumes. Eat a substantial meal or snack at least an hour beforehand so that you have the energy needed to give it all you have.

Harder and Longer, does not mean skipping rest days - Don’t kid yourself that you will achieve your fitness goals faster if you skip rest days and slog it out for hours, 7 days a week. Your muscles need time to rest so that they can repair and heal all the damage done during your training. Don’t worry though, rest days don’t mean you have to sit around and do nothing. Walking, swimming, cycling, and low-intensity resistance training are all acceptable ways to rest your body, as long as you are giving the muscles you have been using a rest.

Keep up the pace - Long rests times between sets are the saboteur of your progression. Not only does that make your training sessions drag on, they make them less productive. Take only what you need to, and limit it to a reasonable and consistent time. If you feel you can keep going before the seconds have disappeared, then get back to it!

Opt for all body training - Some exercises just require more effort, it is that simple. Opt for exercises you know will get your heart and lungs pumping overtime, as these are the ones you need to train your body to go harder and longer.

Interval training - Using high-intensity workouts, that push you to your limits, is the perfect way to increase muscle and cardio endurance.

Keep mixing it up - Avoid overtraining specific areas of your body, even if you are training for a specific event or goal. Keep mixing up your exercises and types of training, to avoid plateauing and to consistently challenge your mind and your body.

Train your brain - Even though you might think that the ideal way to train your mind to work for you, not against you, is to spend loads of time psyching yourself up, this isn’t actually the case. Motivating yourself IS an excellent way to help push yourself further, yet working to reduce overall stress and tension from your mind has a much more positive effect on your mental stamina. By incorporating some relaxation techniques into your week, such as meditation, stretching classes, yoga or nature walks, you can help improve your ability to give your workouts everything you’ve got!

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